• hello! i am baz

    hope you enjoy my version
    of art
  • pictures i randomly take
    some are good
  • some are not so good
    but all of them are a part of me
  • enjoy comment like

what I like

We all have to find passion in something. No matter what it is. These are the things that I fill my time with.


a little about me

I live in the suburbs just North of Houston Texas. I find myself working way to much on any given day, so I have started taking pictures to make the days go by. Some of my pictures are terrible, but every now and then I capture a picture that is decent. I enjoy fishing when I can, I don't catch much as you will notice from the lack of fish pictures. I also like spending the afternoon on the lake in a boat, or just hanging out with my wife of 30 years and my children.

  • Programmer 100%

  • Dreamweaver 90%

  • Photography 85%

  • Video 70%

Instagram Feed

These are my random shots that I take with my phone. If they are good shots, they will eventually show up somewhere on this site.

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